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Architect's Study, 101 California, San Francisco, California, USA

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101 California Study, 40 x 50cm, Glass House Study. 40 x 40cm, Johnson House Study, 40 x 40cm, Sheldon Museum Study, 40 x 50cm, all acrylic on canvas, 2010

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Glass House, Mixed media , 2010 installation, Dims:  14 ft (L) X 10 ft (W) X 7 ft (H).  Door openings 6 ft 8"

CAD Plans for the installation (click to enlarge)

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Philip Johnson Leonhardt House, 2 X (78 x 60 inches) (Diptych painting), oil on canvas, 2009

For his exhibtion at 101 California Eamon O’Kane will construct an installation of a scale model of the Philip Johnson Glass House.  The model will consist of a simple wood structure and visitors will be able to walk into and around the structure as it will be open on all sides.

Within this model a plasma screen will sit on a plinth and show (on a continuous loop) a painting animation of Glass House set in nature.  The animation will show the building and surrounding nature slowly transforming from positive to negative colours and through the seasons.

On the actual walls of the space a series of new paintings based on buildings designed by Philip Johnson, including Glass House.
All of the paintings created for this project are medium-to-large in scale and made specifically for the space. They echo the structure of the glass house and are intended to be viewed from inside and outside the model thereby being fragmented and deconstructed by the black lines of the wooden structure.

Philip Johnson Rockefeller House oil on canvas, 78"x58", 2009

Philip Johnson Glass House Remix I, 98 x 60 inches , oil on canvas, 2009


Philip Johnson Kreeger Museum, oil on canvas, 78"x60", 2009



Philip Johnson Farney House, oil on canvas, 58"x58", 2009

Philip Johnson Glass House Remix II, oil on canvas, 58"x58", 2009



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