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Mobile studio , mixed media installation, EV+A 2005


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Selected Video Work 2000-2008

studio in the woods series

ideal studio series

Studio House Series 2004

AKA series

City Panorama Series1998-1999

Photographs - Remix Series

Photographs - IKEA SERIES

Prints 2008

Drawings - Plan Remix Series

Drawings - Hybrid Series

Paintings - Hybrid Series

Sculptural Installation



archive of selected exhibitions

Case Histories, Tour, 2008-09


Plan 9, Bristol, UK, 2009.


The Architect's House, RARE Gallery, New York

Meditations On An Ideal Home, Galerie Schuster, Berlin

Panorama: I Like Shopping Centres And Shopping Centres Like Me, The Economist Plaza, London

The Place of Three Bridges, RAGM, UK

The House and The Tree, RCCL, Ireland


Regeneration, ev+a, Limerick, Ireland 2007

The Philosopy of Furniture, Ashford Gallery, Dublin


Panorama, Draiocht, Ireland, 2006

Gesu, COE, Open, Ireland, 2006

Auf Der Galerie, Galerie Schuster, Berlin,

Germany, 2006

Deadwood, British School At Rome, Italy, 2006

My Museum, GFJK, Baden Baden, Germany


My Ideal Collection, Galerie Schuster, Frankfurt, Germany

Museum Collection, 2005

Mobile Studio, ev+a, Limerick, Ireland 2005


Mobile Museum, MCAC, N. Ireland

The Ideal Studio, GMA, Denmark

Mobile Museum Retrospective, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Process Room, Dublin, Ireland, 2004


Die Bildermacher: Animates, Galerie Schuster and ev+a 2003
















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