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Cardboard Modernist Furniture workshop




The Cardboard Modernist Furniture Workshop is an interactive installation that consists of a workshop space contained within a layout of four large wood and paper screens.
The screens are based on simple stained glass window designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, building elevations by Le Corbusier, paintings by Piet Mondrian and furniture by Charles and Ray Eames.  The screens are configured in different ways depending on the venue. Each screen measures 213cm high and 213cm wide. The work is a development from ‘Eames Studio Limerick’ installation which was shown in OPEN ev+a 2009.
Black and white Posters outlining the design of numerous classic modernist chairs and table are affixed on the inside of the screens and an ample supply of brown cardboard and brown cardboard boxes and numerous tools (pens, scissors, Stanley knives, glue tape etc.) are provided in the workshop.

Two video animations are shown on plasma screens in the installation.

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