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The House and The Tree, RCC, Letterkenny, Ireland 2008


The House and the Tree, Installation views, slated roof structure with video and audio installation, sycamore tree, charcoal wall drawing, vinyl text, 2008 click here for Irish Times preview of show

click here to download a PDF publication of The House and The Tree



'...In a recent solo show at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny, The House and the Tree, O’Kane re-created an attic from his family home into which he placed a short film recording the vernacular architecture of Co. Donegal which is accompanied by a soundtrack of proverbs in the Gaelic language. The installation is completed by a large-scale wall drawing of an oak tree that once sheltered King James 11, also from his homeplace, together with the sawn up trunk of the tree which was killed by lightning. In other words the personal and the public, past and present, royalist and peasant, the real and its representation, nature and culture are all combined in this single installation, through the accomplished use of new and traditional media.'

Catherine Marshall, February 2008


RCC, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland www.donegalculture.com














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