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installation painting drawing film/video animation photography

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And Time Begins Again


And Time Begins Again, 12 Mins, 2009- Present (Part of an ongoing installation)

Reenactment: Hunt and Meal


Re-enactment: Hunt, HDV, 20 mins, Meal, HDV, 27 mins, 2009 (extract)

Froebel Play


Froebel Play Animation, 2012



Regeneration, 3 mins, 2006

Mobile Museum Retrospective (Extract)


Mobile Museum Retrospective (extract), 12 mins, 2005-2006

Die Bildermacher: Animates


Die Bildermacher: Animates, 2002-2004

STAY: Simply To Authenticate Yourself


STAY: Simply To Autenticate Yourself, 3 mins, 2000

LOW Prophet


LOW: Prophet, 3 mins, 2000



SOAP: Something Odd And Pathetic, 7 mins, 2000




Forest, 1min (looped), 2007

Seasons Blockbuster


Seasons Blockbuster 2006-2008



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